How to safely enjoy your swimming pool in hot weather?

Summer is almost here, and sometimes the weather is not only hot – it’s very hot! When the sun is shining and the temperature starts to rise, a swimming pool is the ideal way to cool off and comfortably enjoy the outdoors. However, during heat waves, it is important to stay safe and take certain precautionary measures so that you do not suffer from heat stroke, heat exhaustion or sunburn. We have compiled a list of useful tips for overcoming the heat.

Know the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

When you are sunbathing or enjoying the outdoors during the hottest periods of the year, it is helpful to know the signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

With heat stroke, you can have a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, and hot, dry skin. The heat stroke is very serious and you should call for help immediately if you or someone present experiences these symptoms.

Heat exhaustion is similar, but with symptoms like profuse sweating, slow heartbeat, cold, clammy skin, nausea and muscle pain. Treat heat exhaustion by moving to a cool, shady place, drinking potable water, removing any tight clothing and lying down with your feet slightly elevated.

Use sunscreen and reapply after being in the water.

Even if it’s cloudy outside, wearing sunscreen helps prevent a painful sunburn. Make sure you choose a level of SPF that provides sufficient protection. It is also useful to check throughout the day if your skin turns pink.

A sunburn may seem harmless, but if you’ve ever had a sunburn, it can cause painful blisters. This can easily be avoided by keeping sunscreen handy. If you have children at the pool, be sure to help them apply the sunscreen.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can be dangerous, so make sure you have a bottle of water with you while you are at the pool. Children often forget to drink water while they play, so have them take breaks to cool off and drink water. If you experience dizziness, tiredness, dry mouth, dry skin or increased thirst, you may be dehydrated.

Use foot protection

The terrace or the concrete around your pool can be hot. Flip flops or sandals can keep your feet from burning.

Use shade when necessary.

It’s fun to sunbathe and work on your tan, but don’t stay in the sun too long when it’s particularly hot. When you own a swimming pool, you can add a pool enclosure to your backyard or covered patio. An easy way to provide shade is to buy a large umbrella or a pop-up tent.