Akeron Duo Salt Regul3 30 – Saltwater Chlorinator/pH Controller


The Akeron Duo Salt Regul3 30 saltwater chlorinator / pH controller ensures perfect water disinfection for swimming pools with a capacity of 15 to 30 m3. The permanent pH balance is maintained by injecting the necessary corrective product via its peristaltic pump. The salinity and temperature are also measured to monitor the key parameters of the water balance and to protect the unit.

+ A large, easy-to-read LCD display showing production, pH, salinity and temperature at all times
+ pH regulation by remote peristaltic pump
+ 24H/24 mode compatible with variable speed pump
+ Patented transparent cell with long life anti-corrosion electrode
+ Polarity reversal, adjustable according to water hardness
+ Sleep mode to program the production stop